Planning Application Photography

Drone view are able to use their aerial vehicles to get a clear image for your planning application.

Most local planning authorities state the following with regard to images

“A high resolution photograph should be taken, using a camera with a minimum of 10 megapixels. Image quality should be set as high as possible. Ideally cameras will take images as TIFF or RAW and the resulting files will be saved in tiff file format (uncompressed) for archival stability. If this is not possible then a high quality jpeg image will be acceptable. RAW files must not be supplied. The files must be saved to a CD / DVD with accompanying plans and photograph/photographer information”

Drone View Ltd can take ultra high quality images and video to support your application. We can also provide a live video feed to your office anywhere in the world which means that you can direct us to the position you want us to shoot from.

Drone View Aerial Photography offers a fantastic way to document the progress of your construction projects – from the air. One of the most impressive features of drone photography is an aerial perspective of your building project  it is a great way to represent the complexity, scale and layout of large and small civil engineering projects, aerial photography can also help to show how the site sits within the immediate location.

By taking regular sets of aerial drone photographs and from the same angles, your clients can build up an aerial picture of how their project is progressing, and the construction company can analyse their project from a top down perspective, potential having the ability to highlight problems from the are that are not visible on the ground.


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