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Postponement and cancellations.

As you would imagine remotely controlled aerial filming is naturally can be very much affected by the weather None of our equipment is waterproof yet. If, due to poor weather (e.g. strong winds, rain, etc.), we’re not able to conduct the task that you have booked us to complete you won’t incur any additional costs. The shoot and its associated deposit simply moves to a date when thLegal-Stuffe weather is better.

 If the forecast weather for the arranged day of filming is predicted to be beyond the operational limits of the equipment, we will advise you at the earliest possible time. Whilst the final decision as to whether the shoot will go ahead rests solely with Drone View Ltd, we cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss or costs that may arise due to the postponement.

Should we advise you that the forecast weather is very close to the UAV’s operational limits and we recommend postponement, you may still insist that we attend the filming location and conduct the task on the chance that the actual weather conditions prove to be within limits. However, if the task cannot be conducted due to actual weather conditions, an additional 25% of the fee will be charged to cover the additional costs of attending the location at your request.

We will of course make every effort to conduct the shoot on the agreed day and time, however the final decision to fly rests solely with Drone View Ltd.

Landowner Permission

In order to carry out our work for you the land over which we fly we need to have the permission of this landowner before we can take off. If this is your land then we will ask you to complete a landowners consent form. If it belongs to a third party then we will gain the necessary access agreement.

Copyright & Usage.

Unless previously agreed Drone View will retain all copyright to the images undertaken on your behalf. When you purchase our services, you will be able to have full use of the material, but you will not be able to sell the material unless we have given you written permission to do so. You may of course use the material for your own use only.

We also reserve the right to promote our business by using the images that we take, thus we reserve the right to use the images captured for you in our show-reels, or any other media deemed necessary. We will always ensure that this is done in a positive way and shows our clients in the best possible light.