Hazardous Surveying

Solar panels

Using RPAS technology for building surveying is a much less risky and much more cost effective way of  surveying than send a man up a ladder, or even setting up scaffolding.

Inspection at height is often needed for different reasons. These include dilapidation surveys, planning applications, roof inspections to name but a few.

Snapshot - 1
Large Area Roof Inspection


Drone view has carried out many inspections saving our customers thousands of pounds over the years. the advantage is that fragile structures can be inspected without the risk to any staff negating the need for, cherry pickers, scaffold or roof crawling boards or drastically reducing them or removed all together.

bridge 3
Dilapidated Bridge Inspection

Drone View can provide live streamed video downlinks and work with your inspection engineers to get just the images needed to make your decisions.

Using Drone view to perform the surveys will reduce the need for working at height regulations on your inspections.

We have performed many inspection on dilapidated Bridges such as the picture above, thus removing the need for any workmen crossing the unsafe bridge. We were able to beam live pictures back to the engineers and we were able to position the aircraft in such a manner that a full inspection was possible without the need for scaffolding or safety harnesses, thus reducing the overall cost of the inspection.

We can supply a live video downlink we can work with your inspection engineers in our dedicated support vehicle. At the end of the day it is your engineers that are the experts on your infrastructure and can guide the inspection in real time. Images can be supplied on landing or within a few hours following basic editing.