Estate Agents Aerial Photography

These days unless you are trying to sell your property in central London , you’re likely going to need to exploit every trick in the book to get your home noticed by the best available buyers. One the best ways is to make your property stand out. You can do this by having some high quality aerial photography and video taken to have available for your prospective buyers.

Today’s home-buyer is more switched on about their buying options than they have ever been in the past. They are able to research prices on-line, browse listings, and investigate other important factors before even making the first call to an estate agent. So professional aerial photography and aerial video photography can make the difference between your home getting a second look or getting ignored for something a little more interesting.

It’s increasingly likely that home buyers will be looking for aerial photography to help them make their buying decisions. Much the same as ground-level photos of the home and property, and like the video tour that really gives that first-hand feel, aerial shots are something buyers like when evaluating all property choices.

Property marketing expert Simon Thomas, from I View Property, explained how fly-through video, allowing potential buyers to imagine they were actually in the house they were ‘viewing’, was now one of the most popular attractions for agents.

He said that research showed there was now around a 30% greater likelihood of a home with video attached to it on an agents’ site selling than one without.

Whilst its not a new thing people enjoy looking at aerial content because it gives them a different perspective on the property.

We are professionals that can create quality products and images. We have the skills, tools, and professional know how to make your property stand out from the crowd, and its best features look amazing. Evidence suggests that quality marketing materials can even shorten sale time help gain the asking price of your property.

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