Aerial Wedding Video

Aerial Wedding Picture


Drone View can create stunning and personalised wedding video to capture your special day from a unique angle. All of our pilots are trained professionals and are able to get the best possible footage of your special day. For an extra fee the video and the stills of your day can be made into an edited video set to music.

inspire 1
DJI Inspire RPAS

The unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) allows the operator to capture a wide, aerial view to show off their wedding and the wedding location to the maximum, capturing images of their guests gathering around them as they emerge from the church or wedding venue. All video is filmed in HD 1080p and stills taken at 12mp

How about purchasing the aerial wedding photography as a wedding present to the happy couple, to make their special day that extra bit special.

Drone hire for a day is priced at around £400 upwards, which is in addition to the other photography, videography and editing costs of the wedding package.

Key points:

  • Stunning Full HD Video
  • High Quality still images
  • Fully insured pilots
  • CAA PFAW Operator
  • Live video feeds to any PC