Eight things to look out for when hiring an Aerial Photographer for your wedding day

1) How much does your operator know about getting the right shots, having the right operator is very important to ensure your day goes smoothly.cropped-inspire-11.jpg

2) Be aware that drones can be noisy and disruptive, our operators will ensure that the drone does not drone on when you least need it to, as an example for the exchange of vows etc, this will be captured using land based videography which is much quieter. Drone view Ltd will always ensure the drone is kept quiet at the appropriate times.

3) Drone photography is often an add on service enhancing the land based videoing of your wedding day. Drones can capture fantastic vistas and special moments from angles and perspectives that are just not achievable with normal photography. We will work with any other photographers that are filming your special event, ensuring that you have amazing pictures and video of your special day.

4) The video can be fed live, via various live feeds around the world if you have someone in another country that would be interested in watching your day then as could sent them the link and they could watch on-line.Aerial photography isn’t limited to drones. | A Guide To Drone Wedding Photography:

5) Drone as with other photography can be grounded during bad weather, clearly this is not something that you can plan for too far in advance. Drone are not able to fly in the rain or the snow, also if it is a very windy day, that would also create some issues.

6) Before booking your drone pilot, check that they have all the necessary licences and permissions in place. To operate professionally they need to have a PfCO (Permit For Commercial Operations) issued to them by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) A copy of all PfCO operators can be found here. http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?appid=11&mode=detail&id=7078

7) Not all venues are right for drone flights, if you are near an airport or major road then drone photography probably would not be allowed. The drone operator would be able to give you some advice regarding this prior to booking them. Also it will be necessary to get the permission from the venue in order to operate the drone on their land prior to any filming. Only last year a groom got into trouble when his drone crashed at his wedding allegedly injuring several people, he and the venue are now being sued. The lesson there is don’t try it yourself.cropped-wedding1.jpg

8) Drone filming as you will of seen on many TV programmes shows, capture the grandeur of your venue like no other photographer can do. This will be done in stunning 2K or 4K video, revealing the local landscapes and views or even capturing from a unique perspective the local sunset.

Professional Aerial Images

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