About Drone View Ltd


Drone View Ltd are a Gloucestershire based professional aerial photographic company operating in the South West Of England. The company was started by Paul and his wife Tanya. Paul has held a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) for some 28 years and has flown various types of light aircraft.

Paul has a great deal of experience operating aircraft and a good understanding of what is involved from a safety perspective in flying unmanned aerial vehicles. We have all the necessary permissions in place to operate in a professional capacity, we have the CAA Permit For Aerial Work and are fully insured


Safety is very important to Drone View Ltd and prior to any job commencing there will need to be a thorough check to make sure that the job can go ahead as our, yours and the public safety is of paramount importance.

Drone view only use the best Aerial platforms to provide top quality images to its customers. We can take HD Video footage up to 4K and 12mp stills. We perform both aerial and land based videography to a very high standard.

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Call Now on 01594 833224 or Mobile 07917028448

email: paul@droneviewuk.co.uk

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